• who made this list, can someone explain to me why jstate is ahead of SU?

  • JSU #1???? Seriously??? Are u stupid????? GTF outta here,clown... U must be from Bugtussle,Mississippi or Shitbucket,Kentucky.. Sit yo ass down somewhere!!!! Everybody knows that the Jukebox is still the best  HBCU band in the country.. Hands down,from appearance to sound,the BOX got that..JSU is 2nd place at best..

  • Su gotta b 1... would move alcorn ahead of uapb txsu and mvsu at 4
  • 1.SU










  • This is so right, JSU was more well-rounded than SU, my top five for swac is



    Bama St



  • Alcorn has turned into the copycat band of JSU and SU.  They need to go back to the original dayz of the corn back in the 80's and do what they do best, bump and grind.

  • Jsu #1
  • JSU out drilled and sounded better than Southern this year. After Southern repeated that circus like Soul Train dance routine at the SWAC championship game, I had to drop them a notch.


    Here is my top five:


    1. Jackson State

    2. Southern University

    3. Alabama State

    4. Alabama A&M

    5. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

  • Im going to post later after I watch vs each other battles! Because Many other bands field shows were better than some in the stands! And overall sound! in the 2013 season!! Clearly I will put JSU as number one due to they were more consistent than most but their shows didnt get entertaining until Txsu game but they are number 1 imo..but ill post my others i gotta review other 5th's from the season too. Plus UAPB being that low not!
  • Alot of bands need to go back to their roots field show wise...only bands with consistent shows are SU.GSU.UAPB as of consistent style wise!
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