2020 Golden Delight Movie! WOW!!!!!

What a great way to make the best of the covid circumstances this season.  This video was very powerful,  inspiring,  and uplifting.  The production was awesome.  Great job ladies and the staff that put all their hard work into this video.

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  • This was very nice. Loved the storylines,  drama, dancing,  and production.  Great job GD!

  • Love Golden Delight. They are so creative and ahead of the game! 

  • GD kills it.  These girls prove that they are in their own lane.  Their captain Marci is beautiful.  Loved the interview Morgan did with her.  Awesome video. Seen it on Friday when they released it.  

    • That was a great interview he did with her. Marci was so poised and articulate. I want them to do more videos like this. Especially for the rest of this cancelled season. 

      • Marci has become one of my favorite HBCU captains.  After Janae from the Stings. 

        • I loved Marci from the very first day.  She will be dearly missed next year 

          • I started following her when Morgan did the Golden Delight video last year.  The girl is a beast.  And the way she showed out at the celebration bowl. Had me hooked 

    • Marci is so humble. I love her spirit.  

  • Very inspiring! I just love the message and how socially conscious the whole thing was. The costumes and choreography were top notch as well. I am here for all of it hunny. 

    • I agree.  The message and the choreography was very top notch and inspiring.  We need more of this from our community!

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