• They were awesome. ย That March out was phenomenal. ย Their bodies in that uniform was sick-o-Ning!ย 

    • Girl!!!! I was liivvviiiing!!!!

      • Alright---I am consciously choosing violence: Janae was awesome but I enjoyed this way more than any game last year and that is saying a lot because I thought they were great last year! ย That damn March out did it for me!ย 

        • I haven't made it that far...I'm trying to get caught up

  • This band director just needs so much attentionย 


    • Bwaaahaaa!

  • Milagros is wearing the girls out on this front row. I gave her much grief last season but sis said she coming for my neck. I wish Amari was on the other side of Brianna instead of the crab.ย 

  • Why they on the visitor side?

  • Ok, this Stand routine. They looked good but it gives Pantherette and I'm not here for college dancelines being inspired by high-school. I know Brianni is a former Pantherette but leave the high-school stuff alone. I give the Divas so much crap for looking like the Pantherettes and high steppers that I would be a hypocrite not to call em out for this. Also, it wasn't very clean.ย 

    • I loved it. It didn't give me Pantherette at all. Pantherettes are much more tik-tok like with their movements. ย It is a good alternative to a field routine.ย 

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