• For the 2024 Season I would like to see two adjustments, 1 replace D.T. with April.  Traci is on the right path with consistency and retaining current dancers.  However when April was on board their GLAM was fire.  2 Give the Dolls something to work with.  The Quiet Storm book is not cutting it.  

    • That's actually not a bad switch up.  Plus April is local versus DT and Traci being in Houston or out that way. 

      Hair and makeup was excellent under April. 

      And she made FULL use of the uniform budget. Every single uniform was a hit. 

      I personally want to see small things fixed.  I want the original traditional back, and the French cut version of Turquoise to come back.  These weird remakes are missing the bar when it comes to the cut of the uniforms.  

      I also want them to nail the strut. It's lazy and doesnt have any kind of wow factor.  They need to go all the back to 90s/00s and study those struts. 

  • I think the Dolls fields will be VERY solid next season based off some news I got this week. 

    • There you go SUarchitect dangling a bone once again laughing Enquiring Minds want to know

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