• For the 2024 Season I would like to see two adjustments, 1 replace D.T. with April.  Traci is on the right path with consistency and retaining current dancers.  However when April was on board their GLAM was fire.  2 Give the Dolls something to work with.  The Quiet Storm book is not cutting it.  

    • That's actually not a bad switch up.  Plus April is local versus DT and Traci being in Houston or out that way. 

      Hair and makeup was excellent under April. 

      And she made FULL use of the uniform budget. Every single uniform was a hit. 

      I personally want to see small things fixed.  I want the original traditional back, and the French cut version of Turquoise to come back.  These weird remakes are missing the bar when it comes to the cut of the uniforms.  

      I also want them to nail the strut. It's lazy and doesnt have any kind of wow factor.  They need to go all the back to 90s/00s and study those struts. 

  • I think the Dolls fields will be VERY solid next season based off some news I got this week. 

    • There you go SUarchitect dangling a bone once again laughing Enquiring Minds want to know

      • Let's just say they have a little reinforcement if need be.  

        Arielle accepted a position within Admissions so she will be right next door.  Given her babies are now at the helm, its good to know their Captain will literally be next door.  Plus it's good to have that accessibility because DT and Traci are splitting time between Houston and BR.  Arielle will be in close proximity through the week. 

  • If Haley is captain I hope she cleans up her form.  If she can clean up her form we may have a Seara Cole-esque type season.  Regardless-I think the fans will go up for her. 

    Naomi as tail.   
    Return of Chania and Lauren if  Lauren is interested. 
    work on the strut-it was better last year than in previous years but it still gives 2013 (the strut under April was boring IMO.) 

    The uniforms are going in the right direction and I like the gold boots.  Bring the boots out in the season against Jackson State in the stands. 

    • The form needs work for a few of them...idk wat it is but the form has changed drastically since as far back as 2018

      which brings me to Chania...2022 was not a good year form wise for her at all...the sit down was an eye sore in itself...if she does come back i hope they work on that 

      the only changes i would like to see is move Jahmaiyah to middle... 

      milan and herb directly behind the captain

      tail and ace up for grabs 

      • Both of y'all have good points with form.  I'm ready to see the dramatic Doll nuance come back into the traditional catchons.  But I also need them to give uptempo songs that work again.  Not them lil cute ass Stamper/Gabby/Micah catchons either.  Those explosive uptempos that hit every downbeat and give a good visual across the field.  They are LAZY on uptempos and I'm personally over it. This is one thing they need to study older lines on.  Im ready to see the Dolls breathing heavy in the stands again.


        Uniforms are definitely on an upswing but I need some good high fashion esque French cut Leo's next season. Last seasons uniforms gave Saturday Target run up until Bayou and the new turquoise. 

        Next season I wanna see all the uniforms we haven't seen.  (Kinda why I'm hoping for 9 again)   I wanna see blue feathers, the gold 2014 Bayou halftime two piece, Arielle's Bayou BOTB 2022, Micahs Bayou BOTB, velvet bell sleeve backless French, Gabby's Bayou.  Still we haven't seen in a while. 

        I want the strut to go back to Square 1. Literally.  Traci needs to reteach it.  

        Also, I'd love to see a new strut sequence every home game.  Switch it up and give us a reason to pack into Mumford early.  Bring the mystique back and keep us on our toes. 

        And a couple teams knocked on the Doll's door last season... Have something ready for em this season...  since they knocked 😏

  • I would love to see more variations of the sit down. I'm also desperately hoping for more all-togethers. I want the whole team back from last season, minus Kyre and Cavi. I'm good on Chania tbh. I personally wouldn't mind if Herb was a 2 year captain. Also, l really miss that confident I AM A DOLL swag in the stands. I don't feel like l've seen that from the whole team since Micah's year. Does anyone know if the whole team has been picked?

  • When is the in person tryouts? So we have any idea who is trying out and who is not? I think all of the girls from last year are returning minus the graduates. I honestly don't believe any of the previous dolls prior will get a spot on this year's team.  

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