• Wishing all the girls that are auditioning the best of luck! 

  • When are the auditions?

  • When are auditions????

    • this weekend? Sting doesn't have an official album age besides the alumni page and I don't think they posted an official date. 

      • I thought so!! Tomorrow right??? I hope so! I feel like they should still do videos for us just to keep us saine during this time!!! It would help a lot! Lol 

        • I asked around and someone said an official date hasn't been scheduled plus the sting alumni are holding a virtual camp from the 31st to the 2nd so auditions can't be this weekend. 

          • Ughhhhhhh Rona go the fuck awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Just fucking everything up!! Lol thank you for the update!

    • Daija said Auditions are August 10th.

      • They getting on my nerves nah

  • I was coming to see the tea! Been watching that doll thread to see if Cam made the team for her third rip but now it's Sting time hunny. Who made it?

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