• 1. JSU- they are just straight up beastin this year
    2. BCU- they have that finesse and sound that I havent heard in any other band. all their voices are balanced equally in the ensemble. I love the look of them new silver and gold 20K's
    3. SCSU- they have power and energy, they're 09 clips are beastin
    4. UAPB- they have improved so much this year i am proud of them!!
    5. TXSU- they have always been in the top 5 in my book. I love TSU
    6. PV- They jus keep getting better and better every year. RIP prof Edwards AEA!!!
    7. NSU- they got that fire this year, and i love the sound of those 30 sousas
    8. ASU (Bama)- always bring it..they have power, volume, and energy
    9. NCAT- I just love their band. They are always exciting to watch and listen to. especially their tuba fanfares
    10. Howard- they have improved a lot this year also and truly sound bigger than they are. Look forward to seeing them in a few years as they build their band up
    11. AAMU- I was impressed by some clips I heard of them this season. I really have always liked A&M band. I liked their 2004 season, they were smaller..but brought it, and brought it well! they had some top notch musicians that year
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