Divas vs J Settes

So will the boom make its appearance on the HILL ?

 I am looking forward to this game. I think the Divas will do Great and so will the J settes ! 

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  • Same field show for the jsettes , but homecoming is next weeks I'm sure it'll be new
  • Divas as always!

  • will JSU's band be there?

  • Yes
  • the j settes will slaughter the divas
  • I want a brand new routine for the J-settes. I don't care if they only perform it once. Back in the day the J-settes would sometimes perform a routine once and then move on. I don't think I can take "Coming To You" for a 4th time lol. Of course we'll get a new routine for HC.

    Btw what do y'all think about the J-Settes doing a new routine to "Electricity"? I think it would be perfect with the Tiger Girl uni.

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