So Southern is not allowed to go to the championship game this year so the swac championship is: GSU vs. Alcorn??????????.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA is placing Southern University athletic teams on five years' probation and enforcing scholarship reductions after finding Southern failed to monitor eligibility requirements, apply proper financial aid rules or comply with academic performance standards.

The NCAA's Division I committee on infractions, which released its ruling Wednesday, says it found Southern lacked institutional control when it improperly certified more than 200 student-athletes during a six-year period in all sports.

The NCAA says Southern's penalties include vacating victories involving ineligible athletes and a $5,000 fine. Teams losing scholarships include football, which loses five for three years, and men's basketball, which loses one for three years.

The NCAA cited the transfer of academic records to a new system, as well as inadequate staff training, as primary causes of certification errors.

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  • The ban does NOT have any affect on SU participating in the SWAC Championship . SU has BEEN on a ban for the last few years, and it has not affected them going to the SWAC championships. I believe they may even be eligible to go to the Celebration Bowl starting next year, if I am not mistaken.

  • Actually the NCAA ruling is nothing new Southern University knew that this was coming down it was a matter of when the NCAA was going to announce all this information. Now the university can move on and hopefully put the right people in place when it comes to certifing players
  • This amazes me that this is still happening after all these YEARS, every-time that we're about to come off of PROBATION, we  still get STABBED for some old CRAP----Is it me or is it the present day of TIME that we still can't get AHEAD ???   I believe that somebody from the NCAA with ties to LSU really have it in for US !!!   Isaiah 54; 17 says NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST US SHALL NOT PROSPER !!! AMEN

  • Actually it has nothing to do with LSU. SU has a lot of people that should not be working in the athletic department. The GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM.. But a lot of people think when former AD Greg leflur got fired for being caught up in the Houston prostitution ring, he snitch on SU. Because not to long after that the ball drop. But again SU has been waiting on this ruling for awhile.. Hopefully we learn from this, and move on..
  • It has a lot to do with LSU, where did Greg Leflur graduate from ???   That's the CONNECTION their and he finished in last place in the MAYOR's RACE !!!

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