• So are we expecting Airielle to have a 5th rip or will Kyre be up front?

    • I honestly feel like Airielle, like Cam, is done. Those four years were probably more than enough. Like imagine dealing with a wishy-washy administration & erratic fanbase lol. I would love to see Airielle back up front because I felt like she constantly had to hold back due to her crabs. BUT I'm ready for fresh faces & for Kyre to get up front. I've been watching her since GnB & I honestly think she's that silent killer that no one is expecting. She might be what the fans have been asking for all along. 

      • Right! I agree with all of this! Just ready for some fresh new faces! I'm ready for the team to elevate all around! They deserve it along with uniforms! I'm jus gonna sit back and watch, I don't even wan say any predictions. Cause with the predictions then here come the egg in our faces. I'm goin to be open minded this season. I know for a fact the field will be great, but I want the overall presentation!! Field, stands, uniforms, hair!!! I honestly would like them to stray away from the pin curls and try something different! They are starting to look high schoolish now, I need grown woman Dolls back lol if that make sense. 

    • Unpopular opinion... Airielle is boring to me as captain. Yes she is dolls down but just very much boring

      • Chile... Don't tell them that... They bout to skin ya for your opinion. My opinion... She was very much so a boring captain. Field shows were Amazing but that was about it... she gave me nothing that was memorable at all. I literally don't watch this past season or 19! I only watch 18 and under. Then supposedly she is Captain again * Rumors which could be true* smh I was really rooting for Kyre to take the helm. 

        • I agree

        • Chile I'm too old to get mad at somebody because of their opinion.  Hell--I think Can You Stand the Rain isn't iconic like the views say they are. It went viral and I don't understand why.  It's quite boring.  Now Stamper's Drug Lord Couture from the UAPB game deserved the views CYSTR got.  

          • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Can You Stand The Rain was overrated lmaooo. Anymore unpopular opinions?? This is a safe place 😂

          • Yessss, and people think that video is so iconic!!! It was so many ACTUAL ICONIC moments from the Dolls then CYSTR! But that vid made a lot of girls wan try out to be Dolls, but yes it was quite boring also lol. Honest opinion. But I love what it added to the HBCU culture. 

            • Maybe it went viral due to the uniform.  I actually love that uni minis those silver boots. 

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