Hampton U.-Ebony Fire 2017 Homecoming

Loved the "School Daze" tribute show, Hampton.  Ebony Fire was awesome here.  I would have sworn Morehouse would have beaten everyone to the punch on this one, but I guess that's where it all started... (smile).

Ebony Fire @ 3:45 "Straight and Nappy" (aka "Good and Bad Hair")

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  • I really liked this. Ebony Fire has been trying a lot of different things this year and I like it.
  • Interestingly enough, this School Daze halftime tribute came at a time when natural hair styles are very much en vogue.  My eye was actually drawn more to the dancers with the natural (protective, nappy) hair dos (especially the dancer with the natural blow-out and dancer with the honey blonde twist-out) than those with the straight (permed, good) hair dos.  Quite an interesting twist in time (lol).

  • That was dope!

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