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Dancing Dolls vs Prancing J-settes

So this week is the "boombox" classic.  What are you all's thoughts on this matchup?  The dolls are starting to grow on me.  I'm really feeling them in the stands.  The j-settes...idk. I think with the 5 or 6 girls they currently have, they look good

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Motion Vs Dolls (2017)

I REALLYY enjoyed both squads at the game. what they have done is display what they do BEST in the style that they do it... I LOVED it.... Great Job to BOTH on the Field! Dolls gave me Classic/Vintage and Motion gave a Janet Jackson(Control) Themed P

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SU Dolls 2014 - 2015

Sooooooooo Who Yall Pulling For for Captain 14 out of "TWELVE"? Two Year Captain like DT or will they Alternate Next Year? will there Be a Co Captain like Seaera and Casey. Will they every try the row by row again?

who Will lead Our Girls?

Kayla J,



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