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Dancing Dolls vs Prancing J-settes

So this week is the "boombox" classic.  What are you all's thoughts on this matchup?  The dolls are starting to grow on me.  I'm really feeling them in the stands.  The j-settes...idk. I think with the 5 or 6 girls they currently have, they look good

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BLOCK BAND has been having a very fruitful 2015 thus far! As of April 9th, 2015, we have delivered 78 songs in 2015 alone. Our customer base is constantly expanding in multiple time zones. We have delivered music to the following states this year: No

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Jackson State 2015 Football Schedule

Sept.  5                  at Middle Tennessee State

Sept. 12                 vs. Tennessee State (Southern Heritage Classic)

Sept. 19                 at Southern (Boombox Classic)

Sept. 26                 Texas Southern (WC Gorden Classic)

Oct. 3        

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