The Most Epic Band Battle in the History of Delmar Stadium goes to
TxSU - Ocean of Soul - vs - SU - The Human JukeBox - 2011...
This was worth the wait, I had too much fun at this game... I will be working on the footage and i will have some high lights up in a few hrs...



also  shout out to all the Top Elite Camera Man/Woman who work this event!



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  • Eventhough it was a was a dope battle and the environment was perfect!
  • Ocean won.juke faced the same one problem from last year....sloppy cut offs.and besides that i was disappointed in juke because it was like their btones were the only ones reppin SU.the band overall was loud(don't let these videos fool you because they aren't as loud as you think they are) and clean but it's just not the same jukebox that i once got shivers from. ocean on the other hand was pushing mad watts across the field and i mean some serious watts for a band so small.i came to see SU but i ended up getting crunk to TxSU.
  • Man TxSU had heart and were pushing for their size but that just wasnt enough they got slaughtered,....sloppy cut offs and all.....straight murdered.....they were just more powerful and full......
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  • 5th quarter footage is up on facebook...HBCU marching band group
  • TnP....was it that bad?
  • mayn Frosty.....all I can say is TxSU put up a good fight.....but umm....uhh...yea....SU arrangements....clarity.....power.....fullness...everything was better....I mean in the 5th everytime SU started playing you just heard a sea of "Woo!'s" from the crowd....
  • i wouldn't call it murder.i will admit the 5th was just horrible for the ocean.the juke had a full sound and everything but the only thing worth talking about is their btones.ocean on the other hand...i was just shaking from them basses, those tubas were beasty, not to mention their mellos who were howling like something out of this world.and SU's power really wasn't as big as a gap from TxSU's power as i thought it would be.i was very shocked because SU looks like a college band and TxSU looks like a big high my head i'm thinking TxSU must put their horns on lung steroids lol.
  • ....and to buddy talking about sloppy cut offs listen to TSU's feelin on my booty its like minute 14:00 on the clip......
  • TxSU mellos/trumpets were handling biz all game.....5th quarter was bad....smfh....but SU lol....only section worth talking about....mellos and especially trumpets were paper thin
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