Okay, Not so much the moderation part, but here goes. 

Mega Threads: (The Long Ones)
The Idea behind the Mega thread was to prevent Multiple active threads about the same subject or event and to discuss them until time permits. Such threads get closed when that time or post cap is up. So Far The limits were 30 Pages or 6 Months. Usually, those threads end by the 3rd month. Those threads should not prevent New Threads regarding Rivalries or events from being made.

Here's how the concept is supposed to work. 

Team or Band Specific Thread:  Can go for 30 pages to 6 Months (or whenever the moderator or thread starter deems the thread closed)

Event-Based Threads: 

Pre-Event Threads should start any time leading up to an event. It should end on the event's date.
Those threads should consist of  Anticipation, predictions, speculation and smack talk

Live Event: (or On The Day Of)  Should Begin on game day. Created for Updates, Reactions to the things going on live during the event. - Due to the Nature of this site. These threads will always bleed into post-game discussions. 

It ends depending on Moderator Judgment, especially if the thread is near a page limit.

The Aftermath: This type thread should begin after the event OR shall be a continuation of the Live event thread, made for Clips reviews, Analysis, and more smack

If something is NEW: a NEW thread should be created to discuss whatever that New Subject is.  

If something is Old: search to see if there's an open thread regarding the subject. 

IF the thread is older than 6 months: 
(whether opened or closed) Make a New thread

If a thread gets out of hand - it will be closed
If a post within that thread or comment is a violation of Netiquette, The moderator has a right to edit or remove that post. 

These things may depend on the nature of the thread.

  • No Personal Attacks 
  • No Posting of Anyone's private info (included but not limited to Location, Images Their facebook, Instagrams, and tweets )  (see  Number 5) 
  • No accessive Trolling

If You're discussing The Dancers, Remember this. We're here to critique public events, practice & performances. Not the personal lives of the individual members.

If we're discussing Band related events and someone says
1. I don't like Jane Doe's, Hair, makeup, Uniform, Etc. These are not personal attacks, that's an opinion.

2. if someone says "Jane Doe is a H--. I found out that she got gonorrhea from sleeping around with different dudes. (then proceeds to post pics to show images from Janes personal collection)  Yes, That's a personal attack.

3. If somebody says "I saw Jane Doe at The Gas Station Wearing Flip Flops." "She hopped out of a silver Toyota Corolla with one of her many boyfriends." though it may be common knowledge That's posting Private Info  but not a personal attack

4. If you're talking trash about an event and it becomes a thread saying "your hair is nappy"  that's a mild, yet defendable personal attack. Though it's a legit conflict, If you're here to defend yourself. It's okay to rebuttal without the need for moderation. - Contacting a mod for the removal of those types of post are fine. Otherwise, it depends on what caused the attacks.

5.1  If the said dancer or band member makes a public post on their own social media pages about band or dance events  Sharing that info here is TOTALLY FINE!  

 Respect that persons privacy! Do not post content related a dancers personal ventures. Don't post any Weddings, Baby showers, Funerals, Engagements, Partys, etc.  - If you want to discuss the things they post on their pages, do it on their pages.

Trolling - deliberately posting to cause chaos in every thread.
That Can Result in Account Suspension

My Point: There are Limitations to it all!

Most of all: We are on a PUBLIC Forum.
 A place of Discourse! A Place for Debates, Arguments, and Smack Talk. This forum is a place for randomness. Folks Will Challenge your opinion.We All don't have to agree with each other.

That's what Forums are for!

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  • Well stated and we shall all follow the rules! 

  • You ain't talking bout nothin old man!!! 

  • Well stated, let all things be done in decency and in order.

  • blah blah blah

  • I would like to put forward a motion to accept the rules and regulations set forward by the moderator! Those in favor of the motion say “aye”
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