• Lyric has a really strong crab class the 5 on the back row are all crabs and they did good with one finally making cuts. Kayla did in fact audition this past week and is auditioning for the Jackson state game also so we may see her this weekend back at home. Her body looks great might I add still some ways to go but she’s improving each week I see her at practice. Geyshia and Charity are the standout crabs to me and Charity ate as Tail in Dallas. Really happy Troie got to lead because I know her era will go down as one of the best tall and sensual and I live. Overall field was really good for the orchesis I give them the W on the field because the foxes show was a complete mess. Stands I will say both because Cassandra and Lyric both brought heat on Saturday. The fans stay gagging at the orchesis and the looks they give. I really would like to know what y’all think of them so far this season, Thoughts?
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