• 2020-2021 Dream Team: 

    Captain: Kionna 

    Vets: Mary, Niakolh, Amber, Cailah, Teanna 

    # of crabs: 3-4

    Side-note: This 2020-2021 squad does not need more than 10-12 members. Smaller J-Sette squads are always better. 

  • Wow! Mary is returning?

  • She’s currently dancing now for basketball season so I don’t see why she wouldn’t return for her last rip. I hope Brandy returns but I think she’s over it....

    Eric said:

    Wow! Mary is returning?

    Prancing J-Settes Virtual Auditions, May 20-22, 2020
    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Prancing J-Settes Auditions will take place via online. Sign up today via
  • Brandy is not coming back. She recently advised that she is done and is focused on graduating in December.  Would have love to see her up front! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!  

  • Mary is running for Miss JSU so we may not see her this fall. 

  • I hope Teanna will return 

  • A ‘17 J-Sette is about to come out as a Delta. Don’t want to say her name because that’s disrespectful but congrats to her because I definitely did not see that coming

  • I swear I'm not trying to sound negative, but I know 2019 has been a rough season for the j-settes, and I honestly hope they get it together. I'm really rooting for them.  I feel like 2020 should be a fresh start with off the chain routines and more bomb stands.  But with that being said, I just can't see Kionna as captain.  I understand options are limited.  But her look doesn't say "j-sette" to me.  She's very tiny and not really curvy and to me, she just blends. I feel like the only reason she was really "seen" this season is because of all that stuff that happened, other then that, she's in the background. I'm sorry, but she doesn't stand out IMO.  90% of j-sette captains had the "look" that said stallion or at least captain.  Tierra, Nikela, Jasma, just to name a few.  Maybe they'll pull a 2016 when Morgan became captain after being suspended.  Maybe they'll bring one of the ladies that was suspended back to be captain.  I'm not saying that Kionna isn't a talented dancer, but honestly, even behind Kayla, she doesn't scream J-sette to me.  But if she gets it, I just hope she brings some fire a$$ field routines because I've been bored to death the last few years.

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