Question to College Students

Well its my senior year and instead of just closing my mind to my state school, which is TX, i would like to know what is out there and how its like. I already did my band and school research but i like to here from the students themselves.


My questions are:


How is campus life?


How is the surround area of the school?


What do you do for entertainment?


What can be expected from your school/city/state?


Add any additional information if you like. Thanks for answering 

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  • Besides online reaearch, best thing for you to do is visit your chosen campuses first hand while the semester is in progress...While people's opinions are somewhat effective, its just an opinion...
    • True but its hard to visit campuses of other states when you still have school and football season goin. 
      • Not sure how Texas school systems are, but dont y'all get like a week off the week of or after Thanksgiving? There goes an opportunity...
        • Thing is, majority of the schools are closed on the exact same weeks so it really wouldn't help.


          But for JSU...


          Student Life is very good here.  The plaza strip is like the "main road" of JSU's school system.  Everyone uses it.  We have a movie theater and other chill spots you can just relax.  Food is not worry bcuz we have on-campus Chik-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Subway and Burger well as the regular cafe which got a major upgrade in food and the Legacy which is like a BBQ place.....again, all located on campus.


          I'll admit, the area around JSU can be pretty ghetto.  But all of that is gated off and there its clear when you're on JSU property bcuz everything looks better.


          Entertainment....clubs are the places to be.  Every thursday is college night.  But you will need to have a car to get to the malls, movies and restaurants which are located on the north side of Jackson.


          And please elaborate on that "what can be expected?"  Talking about grades, money...wassup?

          • What i mean is like is can a expect a good healthy enviroment when it comes to get work done in school like studies, projects, etc


            City: like what can i expect the normal thing in your city like here in Houston your gonna hear screwed music in at least twice a day because its the type of music thats popular here.


            State: what i can do and what i cant do in the state like laws

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