• Deja is representing for New Orleans. I didn't know she was a tumbler.
  • Yes she is.... Deja is a great tumbler that was only a snippet of what she can do this girl can tumble across the gymnasium floor without taking a break. I hope they allow her to show her N.O. Swag... she is very talented we are all proud of her!!!
  • Tey just doing enough we only saw about three new counts.. The sane stands when asia brought so many new counts that can be used..
  • Y'all find anything to complain about. Just ENJOY. I accept whatever each captain bring to the table. It isn't like you have the power to change anything anyway.
  • @Noladoll and you dont have the power either.. CLEARLY this is a discussion forum to share different opinions.. So Stfu
  • Maybe Alabama State needs it's own Garrett

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