• Okay so let's continue our discussion here.

  • Hopefully Airelle is captain!  I love Cam but Airelle--I want to see her lead the Dolls into the Superdome especially since she is from New Orleans.  It looks like there was some top notch talent that auditioned this year and I am ready for 9/4!  

    Do y'all think they did a Capt/Co-Capt situation this year? 

    • I honestly would prefer a captain and co captain situation, but let's not forget Airelle is also in NURSING SCHOOL as well! So that is always taken into consideration before picking a captain. If airelle is captain I'll def be surprised, but I'm honestly ok with either or. Gabbie was blessed with two talented girls honestly either or could take the helm and I still would be satisfied. 

      • Yes!  That's why I think it's feasible for them to share the position.  Cam can lead on days Airelle can't due to school, or just split up the games with Airelle getting the big games if she is in fact Capt.  

  • I don't know if I like this many crabs. I hope that things settle down for the team.

    • I think Ari and Cam can handle a large crab class.  They are both passionate about dance and from the vids we've seen,  Ari doesn't play when it comes to the craft.  No laziness on her watch. 

    • They'll be fine. The reason they chose some highly advanced dancers. The judges this time around was not playing for sure. 

      • I agree.  When it was said Traci Prince Green was one of the judges I knew they weren't playing.  

  • Why is it so hard to find that old thread?! I literally have to google "doll 20 21 bandhead" to see this thread. This website very much gives MySpace era vibes. It's weird lol

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