The Rules & Terms of Moderation 2020

As of 1.15.2020  

 If the thread is modified The date above will change 

The Basics

  • All threads over 1 month old will be closed.
  • All threads over 10 pages will be closed.  
  • If a thread is closed due to it's limit, create a new thread about that subject
  • Unnecessarily long titles will be shortened
  • Thread titles written in ALL CAPS will be edited
  • Any thread or post in ALL CAPS will be deleted.

Pre-Event Threads:

  • may vary in type. usually they focus is expectations. 
  • These threads are to be closed on game/event day

Live/Post-Event Threads: 

  • These are threads that usually take place at the time of the event.
  • They shall remain open until it exceeds 10 pages or

Threads about a specific band or auxiliary

  • See The Basics
  • Major Events/ News/ Public appearances deserve their own threads
    They come across as an afterthought when posted as a reply to a thread that is tilled "Doll Discussions"

If you need me, send a message! 

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