• Wishing all the ladies who got an invite to audition blessings today! 

  • Damn, I miss the old days. We would have found out who made the team by now and this thread would have been on page 50 by now. Where is everyone at? Facebook? 

    • We'll probably find out over the summer.

    • That's because final auditions are happening right now. Yesterday was just day 1 of auditions. I know the girls sign NDAs and a lot of information regarding tryouts got out last year. They probably have them scared to talk this time around....

      • Ahh that makes sense since Ashlyn and Bianca did post in honor of audition weekend.  I personally like this new format. 

  • I'm praying one of the girls (Jahmaiyah) from the Highsteppers made the team!

  • They should be doing interviews right now.  Aren't they done around 4pm?  

    • Yeah I think sometime in the afternoon or evening. Apparently auditions ran a little longer last year, so I'm not sure.

      • That's good. They should take their time. No need to rush. 😂 

        • Wait they had auditions already?? 

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