Turkey day classic

Rumors are that the crabs cross this game. I am so excited for for them. What do you expect to see? Who are your favs among this crab class. I included a clip of silva killing leading during practice.

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  • https://instagram.com/p/-VkpoMK0uA/
  • I was an automatic fan of summer, however as the season progress I also became a fan of kaneika
  • Live on periscope the 5th by Double Time Entertainment

  • Silva is leading in the clip
  • The girls did great tonight loved the halftime routine.. Silva did lead a song in the 5th but game me nothing... I'm going to miss my Asia :(
  • Lol I'm always rooting for her but I'm an honest fan. If she dropped the ball I'll admit it soon as I see the clips.
  • Lol I mean it started off promising... But it's like she froze up... Maybe she was nervous idk
  • I just can't wait for basketball season so we can see the other girls lead and see what they bring to the table.

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