My band has entered the fund raising phase because we are in need of more instruments and equipment for our program. We have a few Ideas of our own that pull in a few hundreds every now and then which is ok but we definitely would like to bring in some more. If any Band Directors or staff members can give a few basic fund raisers where we can make alittle more money please provide. Anyone can provide any ideas or information for Fund Raising.



Also Band Directors From all over Please send me a message with contact information

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  • Talent Show, Pageant, Drumline Competition, End of the School Dance are big money makers if done right.
  • Have like a band showcase or something during school, and charge the student body 3 dollars to attend. You can easily make $1000 off of that from a small to medium-sized school whose students want to get out of class. Then you could have your parents sell concessions which could bring in a few more hundred dollars. You won't have any expenses for security or anything, so that could be easy.

    If you are at a school that wears uniforms, you could have a "Support the Band" dress down day, where participating students pay $2 to wear their normal clothes for the day. It can have the same financial impact as the during school event.


    That's an easy $2000 plus right there.

    I can't get anything like that because we have 1 organization that has a dance every month, and our PBIS people have all of the during school events. So if you don't have any roadblocks like that, this could be a good way to raise money.

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