Week 1 Thoughts

Week one told a lot to the level of preparedness these band programs put into band camp. In my opinion and from what I observed personally most if not all the bands featured on clips this weekend sounded good! I will add that this appears to be the year of the tuba. Things can only get better and I'm looking forward to this season even more. Now here is my unbias opinion from the Meac/Swac challenged because I was sitting in sections 116 row 1 that's right on the 50! No zero qtr due to highschool bands performing but in the 1st qtr I will give it to the Boom. They opened and the sound smacked you in the face clean and powerful, I looked over at BCU and they had that dear in the headlights look. 2nd qtr not much playing between both bands. Half time the Boom took it that ballad was nice! 3rd and 4th qtr goes to the BCU the football team took the lead and momentum and so did the Pride. 5th qtr the Boom took it to me, a nice variety of songs with clean power. BCU played mostly rap songs and I know each band has signature songs they play but BCU please showcase your book more it was so predictable what was going to be played!

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  • I agree.  Both bands play well.  The Boom just had a sharpness about them and great arranging

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