me and my friends where discussing this today so i thought i would get a few more views on the subject

1. let there be a winner

2.have a fifth quarter portion hell we gonna battle in the tunnel anyway (well we didnt this year until the end of mass band but still)

come on people let me here your thoughts

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  • Seriously? To add more SWAC and MEAC bands. LMAO
  • Have a 1st,2nd and 3rd place winner..... give the bands a cash prize!

    5th quaters would be nice and if not take it old school and have some parking lot battles!!!
  • If there was a winner that would not only make it better that year but the next year, the competition will come wanting to get that 1st place. So that itself would make it more exciting.
  • I don't agree with places. I just don't see clark/langston/ any other smaller band being able to truly compete against FAMU/SU/BCU/ etc, or any other large band. They would have to do large band / small band catagories, and that means more bands might have to be there. plus style preferences will come into play in judging.

    But I think there should be some type of stand "battle" between the bands. Scratch the DJ and do that inbetween the field shows. I know i'd be more interested in that than a DJ playin the same songs and old school battle that the bands are going to use on their dance routines.
  • Not to be mean or anything but FAMU would win it every year. Then Southern would have been second. I dont know if places would be a good idea: the same people would win every year
  • 1. The small class and large class placing would be a good idea.

    2. Bring the heavy hitters back every year; that way some of the traditional rivalries can become relevant again. They get lost due to football scheduling. If the schools don't play, there can be no battles.

    3. BET should broadcast it live. They already stop showing HBCU football games. If WE don't support our US, who will? Everyone would bring their "A" game then because it would be nationally televised. That would also help friends and family of these kids get to see them on a big stage.
  • Great topic here...

    I agree with class placing, that makes a lot of sense. I also agree with the 5th and the parking lot battles... Of course that would take a lil' organization... If the funds were right I would say make it a tournament thing where you had eleminations for each class and spread it out over the weekend...
  • Have 5 large bands( Swac,Meac)
    Have 5 small bands
    1st and 2nd place winners in each classification and an overall Grand Champ.
    Only the Grand Champ from the previous year can return the next year for competition.
  • To be honest a way honda can be more interesting is to

    let the bands be the DJ
    have 1st to 5th place
    let the bands have more control over the stadium(lights and audio wise)
    offer more money to first prize place winners instead of just giving everybody 50 gs
    let the fans choose
    i dont know about having a 5th quarter in the stands, but have it where bands can play more in the stands
  • Atleast, two band should be able to play one song each in between each band setting up to play. You can rotate who gets to play.

    Top 3 bands place. Top 2 bands battle for 3 rounds of a 5th

    No more mass band. It was "cuRte" the first few years. Now, it's boring and redundant.
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