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The J sette Dream team

since the season is over, and we have down time, I thought it would be fun for everyone to make up their dream j sette team from any year and any squad but it can only be 12-16 girls like the real j settes do including captain 

My personal dream team 

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End of the Year Team Rankings

So the season is coming to a close with most teams finishing their season this past weekend and a few finishing next weekend, so it’s the perfect time to do rankings. So based off the technique, presentation, stands, and field, which teams are in you

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Dancing Dolls vs Prancing J-settes

So this week is the "boombox" classic.  What are you all's thoughts on this matchup?  The dolls are starting to grow on me.  I'm really feeling them in the stands.  The j-settes...idk. I think with the 5 or 6 girls they currently have, they look good

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