Boombox Classic Spring 2021?



Jackson State and Southern recently added each other to their Spring 2021 football schedules on April 3.  At this point, the juries out on whether or not both bands will be able to play each other.  Some conferences have not been allowing visiting bands to travel. However this particular match is listed as a "non conference" game.  Will an exception be made?  What are your thoughts on a potential 2021 Spring Boom Box Classic.  


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  • Band not traveling has all to do with safety, and 0 to do with which games are in-conference or not. lol. Hopefully with a new President, better leadership, and people working together to get rid of this virus, hopefully things will be clear by April 2021 in order for fans and bands to travel and gather safely. 

    • I'd imagine it's both conference related and possibly a transporation issue (ensuring social distancing protocols etc).  Either way, we'll see what comes of it this spring.  

  • Good topic.  Did anyone see the LSU band in the stands this weekend?  They had a game in BR vs MS State.  All brass instruments had black cloth covers over the bells.  Didn't notice whether the woodwinds had them.

    The band members were spaced out somewhat.  I thought about the SWAC bands when their season starts in the late Winter/early Spring and what their protocols would be.  45 Should be gone by then, and I'm thinking there will be new procedures in place by them based on science/public health.  In addition, there will likely be lessons learned that the SWAC can take from the Fall experience of the bands from PWI.

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