• Where are the girls? What's the plan? Are we getting an announcement soon?

    • Im sure they'll probably post portraits towards the middle/end of the semester because at some point they will be practicing for the spring. 

      • I'm sorry but I cant bash Akai on how she is keeping it sealed this year. Not a peep. This is very old school whether we like it or not.

        • I agree.  I like the surprise and mystique. 

          • I actually do too and I think we will definitely be surprised with this years squad. 

  • I honestly don't even care anymore. I just hope we can see them dance before Spring. Trin said it won't happen though so that sucks! Maybe the band will change their mind. 

    • As I said before, IF they make dance videos this Fall, it will be through the official Human Jukebox videographers (Garrett Edgerson), and NOT through any outside videographers, due to safety purposes. They can make Garrett and staff get tested and control that environment. You can't MAKE Marvin or Trin get tested, because they do not work for the band/university.

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  • I'm believing this squad will be legendary because they have ample time to prepare and perfect everything. I'm really hoping for new uniforms, fire field shows and less cannons in the stands.

    • Yes less cannons. And more French cut uniforms.

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