Hey yall, I'm new here !

I'm from France, and I really love the Su Fabulous Dancing dolls. 

So I'm really excited to read your expactations about this try-out and this "new" season, no season yet.

New prospect ? How many dolls should make it ? Who should not return or who should ? Captain ? 

Let's chit chat :)


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  • I hope all vets make it with the addition of 4/5 crabs. 

  • Too bad we won't be seeing them til Spring! We won't even be able to get group dance vids from Trin (it's been confirmed). I was at least hoping for that. We literally won't see the dolls dance until 2021 smh. 

    •  That's so sad. I wished the dolls policy wasn't this strict.

      • If we got any videos, it would not be from outside videographers. If anything, it would be from the official Human Jukebox videographers, in which the band could mandate testing of the cameramen to ensure safety of the girls. They can't control or mandate testing of Marvin or Trin, or anyone else not affiliated with the organization. 

  • I want 4-5 crabs too. Sick of only 2 girls getting to live out their dreams. There are more talented girls out there. 

    • Same here, a bigger crab class will be the hit. 

  • I would like to see all the vets return, with at least 4 crabs as well. We're good, with whomever from 17 is choosing for Captain!!

  • Lol no updates this year? 👀 

    • I don't think so. Try-out this year seems so off !

  • COVID will allow the Dolls to keep the results under wraps.  I hope they just go ahead and announce the results tonight since there is essentially no season. 

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