2006 JSU show CBS footage

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i love this footage

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  • Oh, I understand the whole JSU footage thing, bruh.... I just don't like how we were copied and pasted playing novice rhythms... It's the reason why WT thinks that they are better than us.. Lol ;)
  • that was real nice though, they showed some Serious footage, its exactly what people should see if they want to know how Band Is ya know. thats great.

    especially the drummers battle part.
  • dude, its a documentary about JSU.....not txSU.....be glad yall even made the final edit
  • lol yeah ..LMAO .. yeah
  • I hate this clip for the simple fact that CBS played us hard..... They gone show us playin 4 like 3 seconds of simplicity, then show them stickin and flashin' like crazy...... *Two thumbs down....
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