Alla Battle OPW vs St Aug 2011

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Alla Battle OPW vs St Aug 2011

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  • Dang nigga talking bout b4 Katrina. Y'all b living in the past.
  • i give this to walker
  • thats all fine and dandy but old heads including u guys can truely say if u were in new orleans when has walker dominated in new orleans? maybe he was the man on the west bank but in new orleans when st aug kennedy 35 fortier john mac old st marys any of these schools in the 80s an 90s in new orleans where was walker eva mention in those eras? who did they battle? who did they defeat? u already knew these bands ran new orleans........neva on a good day did i hear about this everything changed now thier name is surfacing thats why i say what i say......
  • Augustus "Gus" Walker  The Mans Picture still sits above the podium when you walk in to walkers bandroom...and all the trophys Gus won with them have circled the bandroom for years.  

  • @chuckyp504  My man, you truly need to do more accurate research before posting misguided statements like that.  SMH

    "Comment by chuckyp504 on March 26, 2011 at 1:08am

    p.s walker does not have a history we could remember past Will so.............. take ya win for now......"

  • Arrangements will make or break a band.

    Walker won this one IMO.

  • p.s walker does not have a history we could remember past Will so.............. take ya win for now......
  • well i feel like this. this i a post katrina st aug is not close to what they use to be..... their under new direction an all. I do give walker a slight edge but dont act as if this been happening forever. a lil history for the young bucks tho...........Will started at reed if u didnt know.... he drastically changed their program an i loved it.....he left went to carver an changed their program....... nice but when u seen it once you have seen it katrina walker.....walker is ok but not close to what he had reed and carver....not even close! thats real talk but even in their best days they wouldnt even attempt to fool with st aug. right now its all in the air. sometimes its walker sometimes st aug an everybody else falls in. st aug has a lot of work to do but a Mr. Hamp band would have destroyed em.....u could actually pic ya year and pic ya whippin...... but this is a new band era so like i said everything is different...... time will tell peace
  • Honestly it was a tie.....But tha Aug was on Point......Walker was good but will never be Carver before the storm get that out ya head now....and honestly watching them ova the years the 07 Walker was still better
  • #walker!!!!!!!!!!
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