McD 35 Playing "How to Love" vs O P Walker 2011

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  • I didn't go to 35 either..I'm a Kennedy Alum and the men in my family are PurpleKnights for life but, we've always had much respect for 35. This is just so sad to see, I hope they can rebound before Mardi Gras.
  • What happened to the band? They had numbers after the storm...why are they so small now? This really breaks my heart.
  • 35 don"t sound bad they just small' as long as u sound good just keep working hard
  • Negativity isnt gonna make the program any betta.. This is ok for their size.. Keep yall head up 35
  • destroy face book.bring back our middle schools



  • What would yall say the reason is for the huge downgrade in 35 music program?
  • oh my.. 35 finally downgraded to 35 people... smh.. this is a dsgrace.. nothing at all like my years.. and Hell no i didn't go to 35.. Kennedy 4 lyfe.. but 35 was  respectable band back then
  • This not even small tho.
  • Big bands can not handle being small...sound like trash!
  • AMEN!!!
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