N.O. BOTB 2003 Stands Madness

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Here it is people the Aftermath of the New Orleans BOTB 2003 Credit For Footage:Tapemaster

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  • Walker was a top 3 band (in my opinion) for one year and that was 03-04

  • well lc i respect where you coming from , the first two schools you said maybe yea up untill kennedy had their downfall in about 03 04 but those first two schools did field shows basically they were all around in the field in the stands concert everything..... those other two basically had good songs with good players, but other than that idk
  • Well, Walkertrain05, Walker wasn't trash back then. They were good.....but they weren't the best. For the longest time, the city was being ran by St. Aug and Kennedy. There were other really good bands as well, but the majority of the time, St. Aug and Kennedy were the top dawgs. Walker wasn't dominant like they are now...they weren't that big of a threat...no disrespect. The top bands to me back then were St. Aug, Kennedy, Carver, and Reed.
  • yall see walker doing they thing huh.... and only two bands went head with lli was waslker and 35, but they said those schools didnt have a program before katrina......


  • LLI def. did their thing in tha stands, but I gotta kinda agree w/ what Jay_504 said...another thing I want to add was that in my opinion, this was kind of a "down" year for N.O. bands (for our city's standards). And this was probably hands down the best enviornment/most hostile/fun band enviornment LLI ever been in. And it was nothing to us because we're used to this. Every parade season @ Napoleon & Tchoupitoulas
  • lol.. i don't remember what i wore that day.. but i think that's me in the red shirt @ 4:24 - 4:50 walkin across the bleachers towards the action.. espically hearing Kennedy blowin Sweet Freedom
  • lol.. I was sooo pissed the security was harrassing Kennedy when we was trying to get in the stands.. thinking we was ready to fight because of that fight we had out of town.. but.. LLI was nit ready for this Shit... Kennedy at attention Stingin them and 35 Snuck in the stands next to them.. I had alot of respect for LLI trying to hold it down being an out of town band.. but i lost All respect when i found out they were an All Star Band.. they had our power but it was custom made.. SMH..I then learned why Our bands did what they did.. To Show how we get down and we don't need an all star band to bring that heat.. Every school in New Orleans was combat ready and Bands was like a military..Seek and Destroy..LLI was like a virgin in a Pub. Lesson Learned LLI..i know JSU was lovin it..haha..
  • quiet as it's kept, Kennedy was out there handling their business. That was them playing Sweet Freedom and you can hear them playing Blood On The Dance Floor. They held it down. Also, when I was there in person, I was really impressed w/ 35, now that I hear them on this footage, not so much...
  • LLI had a better field show than everybody with that being said personally I think Carver would have gave these boys that work in them stands.Its crazy how other cities had to put 2gether high school all stars bands just to compete and be on the level with a N.O. pre katrina best bands.
  • i need this tape in my collection cause the NO BOTB 03 dvd i got is trash
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