[Repost] N.O. BOTB 03 STANDS MADNESS LLI vs. Everybody

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Repost...Here it is people the Aftermath of the New Orleans BOTB 2003 Credit For Footage:Tapemaster

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  • ahh that day i remember it exactly...

    LLI field was a beast...

    but then LLI was measured and dealt with...

    Walker then doug horns up

    but clark played first but doug kept going...

    clark stinging im real...

    LLI came in strong with i like it but the rest of the song was not as strong

    then LLI with can you feel it nice

    but then things got stoopid

  • dat dude wasnt lyin , jsu and alcorn was in that thang!!!!

  • the first note heard from the 504 back to the 225!...lol

  • yep madnees, bands didnt kno how to wait for their turns

  • that footage also exis

  • Man too bad it wasn't in front of us.

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