St. Aug I've Got The Power

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Get Embed Code after Ike and Gustav, this is the perfect song ..LOL!!

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  • why would yhu mess up the quality of this classic nooooooooooooooo
  • this sound nasty and TUBAS??
  • They be blowin!
  • man we souded good....i no the tbones sound good thats all im worried thankful we played the damn song
  • i miss the pre katrina st aug these kids cant blow like the old days y the band teacher do this to the crowd
  • No "A" for effort on this one. We're talking about a Legendary Aug song here. In its current state, this song should be taken back to the band room and not brought back out until its THE BEAST (or damn near) that that clip is.

    St. Aug - I Got the Power '90
  • yeah man.. thats the truth
  • I give them an "A" for afford, but I'm going to have to agree with on this one. Listen to the clip and you'll hear the difference.
  • Do not EVER EVER EVER bring back a song unless it is in the spirit of the band that used to play it. You NEVER bring back a song unless its played in the same vein OR BETTER than the class that brought it out.

    St. Aug - I Got the Power '90

    Study this track
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