Zero Quarter - Boombox Classic 2010 - Pt. 1

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Zero Quarter - Boombox Classic 2010 - Pt. 1

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  • jsu w

  • yoo that right above it set it off

  • JSU was diggin in dat ass foe real.....way cleaner, nice job B-TONES!!!!!

  • Those trumpets seem to be struggling
  • I never really liked southern lkik that but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • They both were good but slap your head phones to hear what's going on slight edge to SU on some songs and the same can be said for JSU. SU arrangements are way better than JSU though.
  • @fame7 SU - Right Above It and JSU-Im Not Afraid
  • Wish i couldve been in person. 1st round i remember wasnt a good starter only cuz(damn mr j. we sick of that shit)but it sounded good, articulation wasnt on point tho.....The Boom sounds real open and LOUD, swoop was clean!Maaan when the Boom came in after the drum break on the last song, THEY SHUT DAT BIT*& DOWN!! Durin the trombone break of the song i like su's bone part instead of our eigth note part BUT after that f'in drum break the Boom let yall kno on that one..
  • Very nice battle!
  • since when was sliding up notes cool??????
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