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Queen City BOTB

This year's QCBOTB will be located in Houston, TX at the NRG Stadium, on August 25, 2018! Although, it may be a big hassle/change for some...I for one think this is a great lineup! What do you all think about the lineup and the change from Charlotte

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Motion Vs Dolls (2017)

I REALLYY enjoyed both squads at the game. what they have done is display what they do BEST in the style that they do it... I LOVED it.... Great Job to BOTH on the Field! Dolls gave me Classic/Vintage and Motion gave a Janet Jackson(Control) Themed P

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There hasn't been a BOTB for LDC since 2010. Numbers seem to be looking good on both ends! This will be one of the most exciting BOTB, simply because it use to be tradition and then stopped. September 1st can't get here quick enough!


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Will Motion be ready?

LDC was a warm-up, now they are about to be up against heavy-hitters in the SWAC (mainly referring to Stingettes, Dolls, and Settes). Based on what I have seen thus far, I cant say that Im all the way confident in seeing them across from these squads

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Black Foxes/Motion Weigh in

So who will reign supreme in a few months? We haven't seen a good Motion squad since 2011, while the Black Foxes in my opinion has steadily gotten better and better. So with that being said TSU's band program had its major changes over the course of

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