2010 SU vs Ala St 5th Quarter

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This the Clip that ASU was begging for in the middle, well here it is..............Yall still got the Big "L"

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  • so hard to choose
  • asu bone in dat bihhhh!
  • su shouldnt have played skin im in this year. it sounded bad at the boom-box classic too. guess they jus dont have the players this year.
  • Yall sleepin on ASU tuba player chillin @ 19:04-19:10 lol...
  • @bernard.... it went along w/ tha joke.... i was sayin they got raped.. o___O
  • That had to be the worst skin im in i EVER heard anyone play...
  • @Clover Lacy J the name of the song is More Than Anything
  • Skin Im In does NOT sound like the SU im use to hearing but then again the only SU i listen in the 2000 era in the 2004 SU other than that yall da pitts...yall betta go get knighten back...good job ASU but i must admit i dnt see where the W is going cause honestly both bands had a retaliation for one another good job tho both bands!!!
  • what is the name of the gospel tune played at the 15:30 mark?
  • I really enjoyed this battle. Very great song selection from both bands. I really can't place my finger on a winner though. But I do think some of you all are a little too old to be arguing and fighting like little KINDERGARTEN KIDS. I may be young, but I think you all can say who you like and who you don't like RESPECTFULLY and then leave it alone. You set a very BAD EXAMPLE for us, the younger generation. Plus it seems as if all that college learning some of you attempted to get, you throw it right out the window with those over the top, negative, non-subject related, atrocious, hateful, obscene, offensive, spiteful, foul, profane, and just plain stupid comments.So grow up, say your comment, and be done with it.
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