2010 SU vs Ala St 5th Quarter

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going at it!!!

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  • obvious high schooler...ew..
  • that jamaican funk going in i think that was one of the best sngs asu played that day real talk..
  • y is asu tryon to crank everything it kind of dont sound right but they did good though
  • Su killin
  • tyree took 2 5hr energys a red bull & sum extenze right b4 jamaican funk lol merlins beard!!!!
  • forget u is gettin it right there
  • I Love a MUSICAL Group....good job Ala St......Classic Southern (I want to dance with somebody) good job......I like Da "U" version of "We will fall in love," better than ASU......man that was a great battle. Both bands did good. I wish I was there.

  • OOOOHHHHH Shat, HOW DID YOU GET HERE!!!!!!!!.....getting emotional. SMH.....ha ha ha
  • Man o Man.....Ala bama St over there jammin.....That bitter sweet was nice.
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