Motion Vs Dolls (2017)

I REALLYY enjoyed both squads at the game. what they have done is display what they do BEST in the style that they do it... I LOVED it.... Great Job to BOTH on the Field! Dolls gave me Classic/Vintage and Motion gave a Janet Jackson(Control) Themed Performance....  Post Clips and Pics if you have them...

Side Note: Its something about Motion in Black! shit, I love teams in Black PERIOD!

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  • Motion honestly looked atrocious with the different uniforms. Good concept, but some of those units were unfitting even for college students. Now i did LOVE the all black pants suit. That would be a lovely uni for the Motion. Another thing is the Captain count selection. It was off. Can you stand the rainwas HORRID. I think it’s honestly time for them to let someone else take the reign. They have the talent, but it’s not showing. Same with Dani with her field routines. Yes, this week was better, but there’s way more that can be done with the choreography. I’ve been let down since the Alcorn game with the Dolls on the field
  • Motion Starts at 4:35

  • Dolls Start at 3:40

  • Motion Front Ground View

    • Dolls easily took this one. Motion was over the place!

  • You can not look at that field show video and your "honest" assessment is the Motion was all over the place. If so, in what way? the choreo was on point and in sync.  

    • I was about to say the exact same thing... aside from Nneka and Toni bumping into each other that field show was hot.... I love it Motion cleared point blank period... Wasn’t a big fan of the 5th for them it was mainly the Oceans song selection but over all they both came and entertained
  • Dolls took it! Very clean & graceful.
  • Motion take the field for me. Loved the energy and the choreography. They haven’t missed a beat on field all season. I would’ve preferred them in one solid themed uniform versus the mix of uniforms, the routine would’ve came off even better as it did last night.

    Dolls take the stands, although I did enjoy the Motion in the zero quarter. Dannie knows her music and it reflects in the stands, with the Motion, you can tell the songs MK is comfortable with versus the ones she’s not, especially in the 5th, it was almost like she was hearing them play the songs for the first time.

    Overall. Two of my favorite hbcu dance squads kept me entertained the entire night and I was pleased.
  • Dolls all day baby the motions have been sloppy all year long.
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